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If you discover any tips or tricks while playing this simulator, feel free to post it here. Thanks!

71 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks

  1. Is there a minimum height at which u need to finish in a race ? I completed a race ( by myself) and the last way point was at the airfield so I dived into it. Completing at minimum height agl. However it did not complete the race. I gained altitude, did a circuit and came into land falling 100m short. Aaaargh

    • Hello
      A good friend (E19) gave the following information .
      Hope it helps.
      “Actually, in the races, every waypoint has it’s own “height envelope” marked by the number next to it… in which the pilot must fly through, in order to check the waypoint, as “done”…
      Now every waypoint has it’s own height to do this in between 1 and 100… so just experiment a little to see the numbers change according to the height, you are flying.. at that particular time…
      This means that if you are between 1 and 100 you are okay for that waypoint, to check….
      For instance, in the Chile race, P4 end of race waypoint, must be taken quite low to check it as being finished with the race…
      Try it out..!”

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