Customer Support

For any questions or problems with the game, please leave a comment here. We will response as soon as possible. Thanks!

New pilots, check out tutorial video below:



902 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. I have just bought Xtreme soaring 3D II. I follow your video inatructions but on take off the tow releases always automatically between 600 -1200 ft agl.
    This is much to low how can this be prevented. Also it seems the simulation is very good but it needs instructions in writing. Pse advise me on

    • Hi Frank. Not developer, but Cruise Director. Join our
      Xperience hours of fun.
      V1 has more pilots.

  2. Hi, I recently purchased the full version, because I enjoyed the game quite a lot. But after one or two flights the rudder locks in an extreme position (left or right). Soon the screen turns black except for the inscreen buttons and text. Reinstalling did not help.
    Are you aware of the problem? What can I do? Ty!

  3. Can you add crossplay so that guys can play together? I’m on iOS and no one is online but android is many guys but iOS no one:(

    • Max I’m not customer service. To to : for more help and iddas.There won’t be any updates. We’re lucky to have this much.

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