Customer Support

For any questions or problems with the game, please leave a comment here. We will response as soon as possible. Thanks!

New pilots, check out tutorial video below:


975 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. Have been using extreme soaring 3D for a couple of years using two site locations as offered. I have been a ‘real’ glider pilot for many years. I found your sim a good representation of thermal flight. Have regularly approached 10 thousand feet and flown to the edge of the mapping — where everything goes spookily black.
    Rudders are useless. Can get by without them, except in strong cross wind landings.
    My problem is, all of a sudden all the lift has gone. Plenty of sink. Tiny bobbles of riding air, but even under guaranteed reliable clouds (or ground features) absolutely nothing.
    I have always run this programme on an iPhone 6.
    Help please.
    Oh, and can we please have a faster sailplane.
    Also, where did you find a cable winch which, in the right wind direction and speed can get you to 3,000 feet. That’s a lot.

    • Hello, I have an idea for your game, it’s a nice game but it would be nice if you add an extra free glider.
      Also it will be nice if you add a plane that pulls your glider up into the skies(that you can choose of a plane pull or a catapult pull from the ground).

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