Customer Support

For any questions or problems with the game, please leave a comment here. We will response as soon as possible. Thanks!

New pilots, check out tutorial video below:


959 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. Hi dear Phillip
    U have created the best game I saw so far really love it I a great supporter ….. I try to get contact with you. ?….
    I will like to ask if I can help you with further development the game will really take off I will do it for absolutely free just to enjoy the flying ….. great game thx 🙂 I also use your gunship sequel ww2 really great to best combat sim you will find
    Have a great day and keep up with your good work……
    Please let me know if we can work together to improve it abit thx
    Kind regards
    Call sign: Eagle

  2. Hello.
    I like flying your Sim very much.
    An improvement would be that you can click to see a map with your location and location of airfields.

    Best regards

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