Customer Support

For any questions or problems with the game, please leave a comment here. We will response as soon as possible. Thanks!

New pilots, check out tutorial video below:


801 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. Hi ich hab das Spiel jetzt schon einige Zeit und finde es perfekt aber wenn ich fliege wird auf einmal der Bildschirm schwarz …was soll ich machen ? Bitte um hilfe

    • hallo, mit allen Steuerungseinstellungen auf “Default Position” passiert mich nicht mehr; wenn ich die „Yaw Axle“ bewege immer noch…

  2. Nice idea and funny gameplay!

    I have a problem: (full version with all the planes – full updated Huawei P9 lite):
    the screen becomes black whenever flying at low speed (or stall). The only way to reset is to end and restart the game.

    Keep the wool thread in the center with the pedals is much more difficult than in reality (there is a missing “neutral” zone, goes rapidly right or left).
    Thermals are “too optimistic” (
    … setting the game, it would be nice to have the ability to vary their intensity and height creating a more real and challenging flight

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