Customer Support

For any questions or problems with the game, please leave a comment here. We will response as soon as possible. Thanks!

New pilots, check out tutorial video below:


989 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. I want to play with my friend but I cant idk why is it because he is on android and im on ios if not please help me

  2. I don’t like that you can’t play multiplayer as an iPhone and an android. Everything you would like to play together, you are going to be kicked into several lobby’s. Shitty thing but overall is the game bearable with a note of fun.

  3. Hello, i would like to tell you that Xtreme Soaring 3D has an error, and that is that sometimes when i use the tail rudder It remains recorded, and i can nota use It anymore

  4. Useless bastards
    No response to complaints..
    Near enough straightforward theft…Pay for a vetsion upgrade receive nothing…complain and get no response..

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