XtremeSoaring3D – II – Sailplane Simulator

Introducing the new XtremeSoaring3D РII РSailplane Simulator with four new flying sites:

Utah, USA

La Motte du Caire, France

Innsbruck, Austria

Varese, Italy

Checkout the free versions:



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cockpit france innsbruck italy utah


Update 1.5.2

What’s New:

  • New location Oahu, Hawaii
  • Orange blacklite for GPS LCD screen
  • Move calibration button to middle sceen
  • Remove auto turn on AutoPilot when chat
  • Add control setting page
  • Add graphic setting page
  • Remove auto repopup keyboard on Android

It’s available now for Google Play and in couple days for iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Update 1.5

Hey guys,

Finally, I have the update available for download.

This is a major update, lots of requested features are now implemented.

Thanks everyone for all your useful feedbacks.

What’s New:

  • All position control calibration
  • Support landscape left/right orientation
  • Add LS-8 glider
  • Add Omarama, NewZealand location
  • Add yaw string
  • Improve multiplayer network performance
  • Improve graphic performance
  • Fix chat bug for Android
  • Auto disable screenlock for Android
  • Support metric instrument for LS-8
  • Allow closer zoom and zoom on wing view
  • Exit game button for Android
  • Auto adjust altimeter to field elevation

The upgrade is not available immediately on all platforms:

  • Android: available now
  • iOS: In Apple approval process, expect 5 days from now
  • Amazon: in approval process, expect 1-2 days from now