Update 1.5

Hey guys,

Finally, I have the update available for download.

This is a major update, lots of requested features are now implemented.

Thanks everyone for all your useful feedbacks.

What’s New:

  • All position control calibration
  • Support landscape left/right orientation
  • Add LS-8 glider
  • Add Omarama, NewZealand location
  • Add yaw string
  • Improve multiplayer network performance
  • Improve graphic performance
  • Fix chat bug for Android
  • Auto disable screenlock for Android
  • Support metric instrument for LS-8
  • Allow closer zoom and zoom on wing view
  • Exit game button for Android
  • Auto adjust altimeter to field elevation

The upgrade is not available immediately on all platforms:

  • Android: available now
  • iOS: In Apple approval process, expect 5 days from now
  • Amazon: in approval process, expect 1-2 days from now

3 thoughts on “Update 1.5

  1. I download xtreme sorin 3 D to my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and we all love it a lot . My grandchildren are having a blast. The only problem we are having is that we can’t chat with others online? Others try chatting with us and it will not let us reply back. Any suggestions on what we could do? We all LOVE it a lot. Especially the new LS 8 Glider and new area.
    Keep them flying high :0)

    Thank You Kindly

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