Update 1.4.1 is now available

Bug fixes
Support iPod & iPhone
Auto pilot button
Avoid disconnect when play online
Sound for chat message
Rearrange buttons for easy access
Allow up to 10 players in a game

9 thoughts on “Update 1.4.1 is now available

  1. Loving the game. Great job. One problem. I can see others chatting but when I send a reply I see no response in the chat window and I dont get a reply from others. Dont know if its an issue with my phone. Galaxy S 3. Any solutions?

  2. Great sim, Any chance we could get an indicator for where the airport is? I got lost soaring around & couldnt land.

  3. hey! Thanks for the great games.
    when is the next update coming?
    I hope you will add the ls-8 and hopefully many more beautifull gliders.
    Discus may be a good option. Or the Ls-10

  4. Thanks for the update Phillip ! I see you don’t forgot my suggestion..a little beep on chat message ….! The autobutton is a good idea too ! ..regards Leo

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